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Complex 8

Mansard type timber truss construction with a total area of 110 m², a roof area - 230.15 m². The largest timber truss frame T1 transportation is divided into two parts, which are interconnected on-site in accordance with the drawings, using a perforated plate and special anchor type nails. Complex truss solution


Such a constructive assembly can be produced in 2 working days. Package price: 4519 EUR (19.63 EUR/m²). Price includes the following items:

  • Main trusses T (1-2)  - 17 items
View or download Complex 8 project drawings here: Timber truss project 8


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Full price for this complex solution product example:

4.519 euro - best timber truss complex solution price


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Who we are?

WoodCon, Ltd. is one of the few manufacturers of Prefabricated timber trusses in Latvia, whose products comply with the European standart EN 14250:2010. Read more...

What we do?

  • Drawing proffesinal truss designs;
  • Manufacturing high quality timber trusses;
  • Safely delivering output material to construction site.


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