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Duo Hip

The DUO HIP timber truss is used as a design solution for large span, with its height designed to allow transportation. It is also used in architecturally unusual, temporary buildings with smaller spans to obtain a less traditional roof shape. Loads intended for the DUO HIP timber truss:

  • Roof load
  • Bottom chord load 
  • Hanged load
  • Snow load 
  • Wind load

Single trusses - Duo Hip

The thickness, width and layout of internal webbing of the truss boards depends on the selected truss span, roof slope and all aforementioned loads.

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Who we are?

WoodCon, Ltd. is one of the few manufacturers of Prefabricated timber trusses in Latvia, whose products comply with the European standart EN 14250:2010. Read more...

What we do?

  • Drawing proffesinal truss designs;
  • Manufacturing high quality timber trusses;
  • Safely delivering output material to construction site.


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