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Freimans strengthens its spirit at entrepreneur sport games

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freimans timber construction atputaEntrepreneur's sports games are the place to strengthen the spirit and the relationships of your team, keep up with the business partners and competitors, and maybe even make new contacts. This year, from June 8 to 10, companies from all over Latvia fought 20 teams in sports and 10 individual tasks in annual sports games organized by the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Employers' Confederation of Latvia.

Roof structures by WoodCon SIA

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Roof trussesTo provide the rapidly growing field of construction with new solutions for load-bearing structures of roofs, WoodCon SIA offers prefabricated timber trusses.

Our company bases on knowledge and constant development. We have justification to be proud both with software for calculation of structures RoofCon / TrussCon created by Swedish engineers CSCE (Construction Software Center Europe) and with world level technologic equipment of Austrian company “Wolf systems”.

Building elements produced by the “MiTek” technology

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Truss gang-nail plateAlready many years ago, most of countries of the Central Europe have acknowledged modern technologies of construction and are harmonizing their building norms with latest standards periodically. It provided the possibility to ensure a high energy-efficiency and constant high value of all newly erected buildings and majority of renovated buildings.

The “MiTek” technology offers a perfect solution in construction of structurally durable and available buildings with low power-intensity in field of construction of dwellings and commercial edifices. The excellent relation of price and value is mainly provided by three aspects:

Advantages of wooden truss structures

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WoodCon advantages9 main advantages of wooden trusses in comparison with similar rafter structures, glued wooden structures, and steel structures:

1. Maximal economy of materialsTrusses need for up to 30% less timber than a traditionally constructed roof made of rafter structures.

2. More beneficial than steel structuresReplacement of steel building structures with timber trusses reduces cost allocated for the structure for at least 15%.

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Who we are?

WoodCon, Ltd. is one of the few manufacturers of Prefabricated timber trusses in Latvia, whose products comply with the European standart EN 14250:2010. Read more...

What we do?

  • Drawing proffesinal truss designs;
  • Manufacturing high quality timber trusses;
  • Safely delivering output material to construction site.


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