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WoodCon, Ltd. is one of the few manufacturers of Prefabricated timber trusses in Latvia, whose products comply with the European standard EN 14250:2010 "Timber structures. Product requirements for prefabricated trusses using punched metal plate fasteners" and we own the right to mark our products with a CE sign. Certification by Latvian Academy of Science Certification Center, 1st Akademijas field, Riga, Latvia, Ph./Fax: +371 67212807, e-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , webpage:

We are on knowledge and continous development oriented company. Our Product - Prefabricated Timber Trusses with punched metal plate fasteners are used for construction and reconstruction of the standard and nonstandard buildings.

Our designs are made with one of the world's most popular Swedish engineering company CSCE software - RoofCon/TrussCon. This software provides customer an opportunity to see their preferred design in 3D before it has been started to produce. Design is one of the most important elements in our product creation. The main tasks of design are to realize client's vision of the product and optimize the cost of construction. We are able to find solution for the most complex wooden construction projects:

  • Simple timber trame constructions for one family house.
  • Complex truss constructions for multi-storey residential buildings.
  • Large industrial object wooden structures.
  • Various non-standard wood constructions.

We relentlessly improve themselves, as well as train our employees to reach the highest level in designing and manufacturing providing the customer with the highest possible quality and satisfaction.

Europe's leading producers of the timber industry highly appreciate our experience and professionalism. The most valuable achievement for us is customer satisfaction and feedback. We're confident about our product's quality and attractive price, therefore, we would like to make you an offer for mutual cooperation. We are fully prepared to take care of all the process to perform the projects successfully - starting from designing, manufacturing and product transportation to the object.

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We will be glad yo see you among out clients!

Who we are?

WoodCon, Ltd. is one of the few manufacturers of Prefabricated timber trusses in Latvia, whose products comply with the European standart EN 14250:2010. Read more...

What we do?

  • Drawing proffesinal truss designs;
  • Manufacturing high quality timber trusses;
  • Safely delivering output material to construction site.


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